Randy Meisner - Nothing Is Said ('Til the Artists Is Dead) Lyrics

Doin' It for Delilah
written: J. Corey

I met her as she stepped right out of my dream
I could not let her walk into the mainstream
So I lay down my coat in the water for Delilah
I asked her if she ever had a boyfriend
She blushed a little as she offered her hand
And I promised to lay down my life then for Delilah
Well, I always try to treat her right
Just to keep her hand in mine tonight
I figure out just what it takes and do it for Delilah
Well, girls may come and girls may go
But as long as I'm alive-a
I keep doing it for Delilah

She turned her cheek and I could smell the perfume
And she whispered we should walk on up to her bedroom
A little too soon but I gave in to Delilah
I granted all her wishes 'til I turned blue
My heart was touching hers and she said, "I love you"
And I had desperately fallen for Delilah

And whatever my Delilah wants me to do
I'll go through with it
And no matter what Delilah does, you know
I'll keep on doin' it

She said she needed just a little more time
And she told me that she had to take the mainline
Oh, I hated myself but I waited for Delilah
She held me and she looked up into my eyes
And she begged me to come with her on a joyride
Oh, I cried and I cried but I tried it for Delilah

I keep doin' it for Delilah
Doin' it for Delilah
Doin' it all for my Delilah, oh yeah
I keep doin' it all for my Delilah


Randy Meisner Solo Discography :: Randy Meisner (1982)