Randy Meisner - Playin' in the Deep End Lyrics

Playin' in the Deep End
written: R. Meisner and D. House

Hey, Suzie, I remember the nights
We were out shakin'
Crosstown rockin' in the backseat
Yea, we were bent on racin'
Was gonna last forever
They were playin' our song
That sweet - soul rhythm
Could do no wrong

Caught every move of that jumped up band on the south-side corner
She had eyes like diamonds and a voice like an angel calling
We had this dancin' madness
It was so supreme
Movin' through the back lights
Livin' our dream

Playin' in the deep end
Playin' in the deep end
Closin' our eyes to the world
Gone by, no, we didn't need a reason
Take me back - take me back
To the days gone by before
Hold on tight, the feeling's right
We're gonna play it out just once more
(Just once more)

Don't you wanna make love tonight
I can see you movin'
Turn out the lights we got a
Long long way to go
It's gonna last forever
'Cause they're playin' our song
Your sweet love darlin'
Can do no wrong
When we're playin' in the deep end


Randy Meisner Solo Discography :: Randy Meisner (1982)